Languishing in silent agony


I am at such a wtf am I going to do moment. I can’t get out of bed, except sometimes to take care of my kids in my house and to go to therapy appointments. This has been going on for bloody 17 months.

I am not getting better. Sometimes I desperately want to get better, other times I hear inside that staying in bed is better and I shouldn’t try to change it.

I hate that my wife is so confused about what to do. Sometimes I think she wants to leave me, and I don’t blame her. Sometimes I want her to leave me so I do not have to be judged and can just stay in bed with no one trying to change me or feel bad for me.

But then I remember my kids. Shit, I just can’t abandon them. They need me. I wish they didn’t so I could leave this planet. I love them so much, but I lay in pain so much too.

It is a cruel joke that I have survived in life. I am definitely not living. I am holding on to parenting my kids mostly from inside my bedroom or the house.

No one understands how hard it is for me to get up and shower and eat dinner with them.

I know this is some kind of anxiety. I’m probably terrified people are going to hurt me outside the house. I have a lot of recent experience with that.

My mind tells my body to get up and take a shower and do something normal. My body just ignores me and lays in my bed.

I am literally wasting away in this bed. I am getting older and don’t have much life yet, so I don’t understand why I am doing this. Oh, an insider says I am punishing  myself for the therapist who abandoned me.

So many reasons. Not sure it even matters anymore now. I hate for my children to see me in bed, and wonder what they think of me.

My pain is raw. Yet I am also numb. This is why my suicide switch keeps flickering. The answer is there, but the insiders won’t agree so we languish in silent agony.

One thought on “Languishing in silent agony

  1. I just wrote a long comment but it erased or posted nope erased my response and so in summaryi will state a few key points. I have been surviving for the past 9 years also sleeping my life away with the help of my bff I am finally taking a step towards recovery today. I am entering a treatment program for did. I am scared shitless but once I decided to do this I felt a glimmer of hope. It this is a response to you not a blog about me soooo what I am trying to say is fight fight fight do whatever you have to do to feel a glimmer of hope you deserve a life you want to live not one you must survives take the next step towards recovery no matter how much your system bawlks please fight for the world needs to hear your story. You have a talent for writing do not let your abusers silence your voice again. Get out of bed although you are scared and do the next best thing to lead to health and a whole hearted life.gotta boardbest wishes I believe in you so fight


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